Elegant Walnut Engineered Oak Flooring

If you are considering staying in the house, keep in mind that you may find the noise unpleasant. It is especially recommended that if you are pregnant or suffer from asthma that you find alternative accommodation while we are working on your floors. Electrodry offers an all-inclusive floor sanding and refinishing service. We continue sanding, using progressively finer grades of sandpaper to remove scratches and discolouring, and give your floor a clean finish. Customers can use FloorTEX products with confidence, as all Floortex’s products under-go rigorous quality checks, ensuring they are in check with all Australian quality standards.
Better quality products and highly efficient installation remain our services at competitive rate. Ensuring you receive the best and boost your home value without the price tag. This image represents a finished sample approximately 600mm wide. These are not defects but intrinsic features of natural wood veneer and its processing. Ecofusion flooring walnut flooring specialises is premium wide engineered timber flooring from internationally renowned European manufacturers. Ecofusion Flooring specialises in Bamboo flooring, an ecologically friendly natural flooring as an alternative to the traditional timber flooring. The Brazilian Teak is an extremely hard, durable timber, with a Janka hardness rating of 3540.

ECOfusion Flooring expects its floors to work faultlessly for decades after installation. So to achive that, from our floorboards, installation, moisture vapour barrier to adhesive to floor cleaners, it has to be the best. We also aim to provide the most ecologically friendly floors for your home. All our bamboo, european and exotic floorboards are purchased from Europe. ECOfusion Flooring are renowned for their beauty, quality and ability to withstand a lifetime of use. More and more people tend to purchase ECOfusion flooring solutions not only for their living areas but also for the whole home. Discover here some creative ways of establishing ECOfusion's functionality and elegance throughout your home.
All of our products are created with our environment in mind, with sustainable sources of raw material, formaldehyde-free and durable to reduce waste creation. Featuring deep, warm brown tones and strong shade variations, Majestic Walnut is a statement floor. The boards’ shade variations mimic the natural differences found in timber while the satin finish in the woodgrain pattern adds a subtle shine for added depth.
We are unique with water resistant laminate flooring and stock longest and widest boards on the market with latest breathtaking designs. DimensionsWalnut 25% Matte offers a wide range of colour variability from reasonably light tans to dark browns and will darken over time. Available in a square designer edge with a 25% matte finish to replicate a solid timber floor. As the leading brand of engineered timber flooring in Melbourne, we have completed many large scale projects throughout Australia and abroad.

If the area to be sanded does not include vital rooms such as bedrooms and kitchens, then it may be possible for you to stay in the house. However it is important that the rooms being sanded are completely free of traffic, so you won’t be able to access them during the sanding process.
From floating to direct stick, from 5G click to tongue & groove, our teams know all installation method and guarantee all the jobs will finish professional and efficiently. Not only the products, we use excellent accessories, such as underlay, stair nosing, and more, for our job as well.

You may find a light film of dust on some surfaces in areas where we are sanding, but we will wipe down these surfaces as part of the job. Electrodry uses high-quality two-pack water-based floor coatings with rapid curing times and minimal odours. In most cases you will struggle to detect an odour four hours after the completion of the job, meaning there will be no odour when you start using your freshly sanded rooms.
American Walnut, sometimes referred to as Black Walnut is now one of the most valuable tree species in our country. It’s called black walnut due to its dark color, and sometimes even purplish streaks. American Walnut is a great choice for hardwood flooring because it is a decay resistant species which produces strong boards that do not easily deform of bow. American Walnut is hard enough to resist wear and tear during normal use, but soft enough to easily accept stains and sealers making it a surprisingly maintenance free flooring option.

Images of product displayed on electronic devices may vary from the actual product, thus it is essential that you view these in person before final selection. Full installation rate including standard underlay, moisture membrane, matching scotia beading and transition trims is approximately $30m².
Free delivery within 20 Km minimum 23 box, a longer trip will calculate and add to your invoice. 2) Water Damaged or weathered floorboards may require replacing or may affect the even-ness or tone of the final result. Electrodry uses a dust capture system that collects the great majority of dust we produce.
Royal Oak Floors prides itself on providing innovative, original timber floor products unlike no other available in Australia. American Black Walnut heartwood ranges from light to dark chocolate brown in colour, sometimes with narrow streaks with a purplish or darker brown tone. Black walnut is a finely grained timber, often with attractive swirls and wave patterning, especially around knotty areas. The heartwood lightens in colour as it ages, especially when it is exposed to UV light. We are a small family business in Melbourne, putting our heart in everything we do. We locally design, craft and sell solid timber furniture pieces of high quality and timeless aesthetics.

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